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Alko 1 Mg tablets ( Xanax) helps treating anxiety disorders

Alko 1 Mg tablet ( Xanax) is the brand name for the well known drug Alprazolam. It further belongs to the group of drugs called Benzodiazepines. It has one of the best formulation to treat panic and anxiety disorders. Furthermore, it alters the brain activity makes you feel calm and provide relief from the panic attacks by relaxing the nerves. Alko 1 Mg tablets (Xanax) can be taken with or without food. Although, a chain should be managed while taking the drug that means it should be taken at the same time everyday without breaking the chain. It’s because a consistent level should get maintained in the body that creates a good level of medicine in the body leading to effective treatment. Alko 1 Mg tablets ( Xanax) should be taken only with the advise of a Doctor as it is a habit forming drug.

Alko is habit forming so it should be taken on Doctor’s advise

Alko 1 Mg tablet ( Xanax) leads to a side effect which is light headed syndrome. It may also lead to sleepiness and dizziness. Also, it leads to less of concentration so any requirement leading to mental focus should be avoided. Alko 1 Mg tablet ( Xanax) may also cause weight gain or weight loss and although it can vary from person to person. So to prevent weight gain a healthy and balance diet along with high calorie food should be consumed. Furthermore, regular monitoring of liver and blood functioning may be required.

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